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I dabbled in modeling today

Just a thought

I’m so happy for this whole body empowerment thing. I think all women and men are beautiful in their own unique way. With that said I can’t seem to understand the whole “skinny bitches” thing. I, personally, can’t help that I weigh 120 lbs and am 5’8. I’ve been this thin for my entire life. I understand that some think I have the advantage, but I’ve gone through points in my life where I over ate because I thought I was too skinny. Over eating to fit in isn’t any more healthy than under eating to fit in. Point being why does one group of people (in this case, thicker girls) have to put another group (skinny girls) down to make them selves feel better? This topic doesn’t just apply to body shape, but religion, race and gender. I think everyone should love their body no matter it’s size or shape. I don’t think you should have to change it or cover it up to fit society’s wants. I just think while you’re building yourself up you shouldn’t make a point to put other people down.

P.S. I’m thrilled songs like All About That Bass are out there to help thicker girls come to terms with them selves. The phrase “skinny bitches” is still degrading even if you’re “just playin’”.

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